S5 Max Roborock Vacuum Cleaner Robotic

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Precise water output control, intelligent three-level water adjustment:
The S5 Max vacuum has an intelligent electronic water tank that can be adjusted with the application.
The electric water tank is integrated with a high precision peristaltic pump and its advantage with large amount of water, long service life, anti-lock. The fully charged water tank can be cleaned on the ground for approximately 120 minutes and can be used for 200 square meters of surface.
Since the pressure sensor is installed in the fabric support, even if the amount of water is reduced during washing, the continuous operation of the support does not affect the effect of the work if it is constantly pressed.
Sub-regional smart cleaning.
Configure the cleaning of the space provided for this at different times according to the cleaning needs.
The water tank has a unique drawer design.
The mop holder can be installed and removed quickly and easily, without turning the robot or removing the water tank.
Automatic charging when the battery is weak.
If the battery is less than 20%, the robot automatically charges and revalues ​​the charging time after the approximate area. And then sweep the approximate area after the load is sufficient.
Barrier capacity exceeding 2 cm.
Obstacles and carpets over 0.8 inches (2 cm) are easy to climb. Automatic change in turbo mode in carpet cleaning (Autoboost mode).

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